Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Antioch Academy?

The Antioch Academy provides resources for church planters, pastors, and lay leaders. Our courses help people go deeper in their discipleship and in their commitment to become kingdom workers in their neighborhoods. The Antioch Academy is a project of the Fountain of Life Antioch Initiative,

What kinds of courses do you offer?

The courses are entirely online and are self-directed. We suggest that you watch a single lesson and then download the workbook. Complete the assignments before you go on to the next video. We encourage individuals to work through the courses with friends and ministry partners in order to understand and contextualize the material. We don't have an online learning community at this point, but we encourage you to write to us at with comments and questions about the material. 

How long are the courses?

The course videos range from 3 - 2o minutes. Each course has an associated workbook with assignments to help you learn the material and create excellent evangelism habits.

How do I access the videos and workbooks?

Complete and submit the registration form and you will receive a code that allows free to access 72: Personal Evangelism course and workbooks.

I did not receive an access code. What happened?

Please make sure to complete all of the required fields on the registration page, then click "submit." If you have completed your registration, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received an access code, please e-mail:

I have questions or suggestions about the material. 

Please feel free to e-mail your questions and comments to